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  • Livezile Str. Crucii Nr. 423, Bistrita-Nasaud county , Transylvania, Romania
  • +40 788 743 076

Who we are ??

Who we are ??

Since 2005 Belco Avia has been a major supplier of advanced composite materials. The factory is located in the Orchards, the 15 km distance from Bistrița, the capital of Bistrița-Năsăud county, and has an area built of 14000 mp.

Belco Avia, having a total number of 150 by the employees, produces carbon fiber parts, kevlar and fiberglass for the automotive industry(body elements, car seats, complete bodies), railway industry(housing locomotive engine cooling system…), road transport(various body components…), sports field (golf machine body, fishing boat….,).

Belco Avia has a design - development department, which achieves:

»Research / design / development of own products

»Design of models / molds, after the 3D drawing of the product received from the customer

»Designing the SDVs necessary for the manufacture of the product

»CAM programs for cnc machining centers

»Product manufacturing documentation

»PPAP documentation, for the approval of the manufacture of new products, according to the prescriptions of the automotive industry

Belco Avia are:
»6 autoclaves for the polymerization of pre-impregnated fabrics with epoxy resins» industrial cutter with plotter assisted in cutting pre-impregnated fabrics
»2 cnc machines 5 axes 2600/1500/900 mm, 4800/2600/1200 mm
»Cnc cars 3 axes 1600/700/750 mm
»Scanner 3D 5 MP
»Injection molding machines for two-component resins
»13 cnc robot 6 axes for cutting, lacquering, milling
»4 cnc robots 5 axes for cutting, lacquering, milling
»4 professional painting booths
»Curing ovens and vacuum pumps
»6 ecological suction systems
»Cooling chambers for storing pre-impregnated fabrics with a capacity of 300 m3
»Dimensional control machine