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The quality of our products is guaranteed by a modern quality control management.


We continuously invest in development, so that our company benefits from modern technological equipment through which it obtains performances for our customers.


With the over 150 employees and the efforts made for the development of the company, it offers us the opportunity to increase the Belco Avia team., so that the quality of the products will always be superior and our products will be found in as many markets as possible.


Belco Avia has a design and development department, where we perform the following activities:

– Research, design and development of own products

– Design of models and molds, according to the 3D drawing of the product received from our customers

– Design of tools needed to manufacture the product

– CAM programs for CNC machining centers

– Product manufacturing documentation

– PPAP documentation, for the approval of the manufacture of new products, according to the prescriptions of the automotive industry.

You are looking for a composite product?

we are specialize in the manufacture of carbon fiber and fiberglass composite products, for industries:

  • automotive (body elements, car seats, complete bodies)
  • rail (housing locomotive engine cooling system, …)
  • road transport (various body components,…)
  • sports field (golf machine body, fishing boat….)

Modern production technologies

Technologies used:

  • PREPREG – Autoclave Polimerization (Preimpregnare-autoclave-Baking)
  • Wet Layup (Rolling)
  • Painting / Varnishing (Painting / Powder)
  • Resin Transfer Moulding – Light (Casting by resin transfer - easy)
  • Infusion (Infusion)
  • CNC Milling (CNC milling)

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Since 2005 Belco Avia is located the 15 km distance from Bistrița, Bisrita-Nasaud county, in our production units 16.000 mp. With a staff of more than 150 of people, we are known as a major supplier of advanced composite parts.
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